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Welcome to resources to support the 3D documentation of ornament and heritage resources. In here you will be able to find material produced by various projects of the Cultural Informatics Research Group and other activities.

3D Ornament

Our research is aiming to advance the way architectural ornament is documented, preserved and fabricated for future generations. Some of the results from our projects include:

  • 3D Ornament database

  • A dataset of Regency architectural ornament.

  • Digital Fabrication of 3D ornament

  • Advances in technologies for producing architectural mouldings using the latest digital fabrication technologies such as 3D printing.

  • 3D technologies for the design, fabrication and restoration of historical architectural mouldings

  • We are currently offering an information day in the use of 3D technologies to document and produce ornament on the 19th of July. To see more information, see here:

For more information about this research, please contact us.